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Management solution using barcodes

Solution of using barcode codes for sales management, factory management, and shipping management.

Security & alarm solutions

Warning security solutions for Villas, Resort, Safety for Hotels, Businesses, Building security, Fire alarms for factories

Smart management solutions 4.0

Using IoT equipment, new technology into intelligent management, catch up with the development of a shared economy

Smart Agriculture Solution

Traceability software ensures food safety, smart agricultural equipment applications increase productivity, optimize costs


Solution of barcode application for retail

Management solution for point of sale: Sometimes, the only interaction between buyers and sellers is at the point of...

Using bar code solution to manage warehouse

Inventory or inventory management is an important activity that helps businesses balance between the need to reserve...

Security camera solution for Casino

The casino monitoring system requires fast response to events that occur in any lighting environment. The casino...

Smart management for sales

Zenpos provides customers with solutions, services, and equipment that bring maximum convenience - minimum cost - professional team - exactly the right time - responsibility always goes hand in hand with bringing experience for customers. Moreover, we meet the most convenient level of service for Vietnamese customers through connecting and sharing in the work towards technology development. Together with the development of the world, the company has implemented services to bring satisfaction to customers not only by perfect service but also to bring good impressions throughout the process we provide. service level.

We build a system that provides customers with the most optimal way to manage their business to make the most of the development advantages of information technology in 4.0

The vision of zenpos is to build a leading organization in applying the advancement of the 4th technological revolution to the management, providing customers with the most effective solutions and easy implementation. economic, contributing to optimal management and development of customers' business.

With core business areas in the field of smart IT and Agriculture. The solutions continuously form and develop with the criterion "Intensive to create differences", "Diversity creates scale", "Links create strength".

Zenpose always tries to become the leading partner of all manufacturers, customers and employees
ZenPos always accompanies and is committed to sustainable development with agents, ensuring standard services and optimal profits.
Zenpos brings customers the most advanced solutions, technologies and equipment with attentive cost savings and after-sales services.

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